Tamol was founded more than forty years ago.It started off as a small factory transforming paper for a wide range of purposes.Through the years, the company has become a specialist in the firework field.

At present, it is considered an irreplaceable point of reference for the production of fireworks both in our country and abroad. A few of the required items generally produced to meet the demand of the customers in the pyrotechnic production are listed below:

(soft cardboard protecting the igniting fuse, tubes, containers, disks, spheres made of compressed cardboard for Japanese bombs, papers, cardboard, strings, and chemicals for firework use).

Currently, aluminium tubes are produced in whatever height and calibre requested, along with a vast assortment of plastic items. Tamol is readily availabe to meet you every demand.Therefore, feel free to contact us.We are certain you will appreciate the quality of our products. This photo presents our unique product line, and as a company we aim to provide excellent customer service.